Master Agent of Offshore Fund Providers

The main purpose of the above Taiwan's Regulations is to allow offshore funds to be offered, sold, advertised, and marketed within Taiwan territory, providing a better, more competitive framework for asset managements to offer attractive offshore funds to investors in Taiwan. And most importantly, providing concrete protection of rights and interests of investors.
The Regulations require offshore fund institutions to appoint an onshore Master Agent, and further require master agents and sales distributors to furnish investors with a prospectus and an investor information leaflet. Securities Investment Consulting Enterprises (SICE) is henceforth in the position to act as Master Agent for offshore fund asset managements. Authorize a domestic qualified "Master Agent" like Marbo SICE, which is responsible for all business development. It is crucial to be cautious in selecting the "right" Master Agent otherwise it could lead to ineffective business expansion. If it is well selected, it could achieve the best outcome with minimized costs and risks.