Securities and Futures Investment Consulting

Marbo SICE(Securities Investment Consulting Enterprise) Co., is one of Taiwan's leading providers of investment advisory, offers securities and futures investment consulting, discretionary investment, on-line mutual funds trading. Through Marbo On-Line Mutual Funds Trading Platform established in 2007, Marbo SICE offers a broad array of legitimate domestic and offshore mutual funds covering a cross-section of industries, regions and styles to reflect each client's specific choices as needs. Marbo SICEs research is at the core of value proposition and suggestion offered to clients. Analysts at Marbo SICE provide insightful, objective, and decisive research reports designed to enable clients to make informed investment decisions. Marbo SICE also offers in-depth analysis of critical global issues to assist clients to shape their investment ideas, market forecasts, macro overviews, and foreign exchange investment strategies. Marbo SICE utilizes a variety of channels to ensure timely and effective dissemination of its research to clients.