Marbo SICE

The expert in catching bull market trends in Taiwan.

At the low point of the stock market in July 1993, the founder Allen Chu firmly believed that this was the starting point of bull markets. He left a newly-built fund company and established Marbo SICE. On October 6 1993, although the market weighted index only rose by one point to around 3,800 with low trading volume of TWD 10.6 billion, investors were enthusiastic to attend an investor forum hosted by Marbo. Since then, the market was sky rocked, Marbo has become the large, most famous investment consulting company in Taiwan.


In 1997, Marbo invited Jason Tsai who was a famous financial expert to be the CEO of Marbo responsible for the Taiwan stock market business. In 2006, Marbo invited Rose Chin who was a famous expert in futures to be the VP of Marbo responsible for futures market business.


In 2007, Marbo SICE created the Marbo SICE International Business Department. Several of SITE fund managers joined Marbo and developed a business operation that covered domestic and offshore fund sales. Furthermore, Marbo created an online trading platform "e-Fund" which promoted over 639 domestic and offshore mutual funds from 20 different fund series.


In 2009, Marbo has become the master agent of U.S. T Rowe Price in Taiwan.

In February 2013, Sean Huang-- served at FSC, Trust Division of Taishin International Bank, Futures Exchange, and Yuanta-Polaris Futures— be the vice chairman of Marbo.

In February 2014, Jason Tsai was reappointed to supervise the Taiwan stock investment; Jessica Lee, who was the executive VP of International Business Department, was promoted to be the CEO position. As such, Marbo re-focused its core business on domestic and offshore mutual funds sales and brought its business operations to the international arena.


MARBO Weekly

Marbo Weekly is currently running the 1100th issue and it is on the market for 21 years. Published on every Friday, it reports the news on Taiwan and global stock markets, futures, mutual funds, real estate, art, and luxury goods investments. For the price of TWD268 an issue, it circulates including 7-11 convenient stores, Eslite, and Kingstone Bookstores. It is widely considered as the premium periodical for investment community since its first release. The Weekly is written by publisher Alex Huang and lead artistic supervisor Kenny Lin on the art articles; by Allen Chu, Jason Tsai, and a team of CSIA analysts on the investment articles; and by lead editor Dan Chuang and a team of news reporters on the first-hand, global financial news. Marbo Weekly also includes the investment analysis from Morningstar on mutual funds and commodities. Over the ten-page coverage of company's EPS forecasts, profitability, institutional investment data…etc., Marbo Weekly is viewed as the Taiwan's Barron's and Economists!


R&T Financial Software

Established in May 1997, "e-Stock" is the first-ever website in Taiwan related to wealth management and the first, hottest interactive financial social network. Over 3,000 new messages and 1,800 wealth management articles, e-Stock is one of the very few websites in Taiwan that can combine fee-paying stock quote and quality analytical software with the most popular website visits.


Core products and services:

1. Real-time stock quote and analytical software
2. After-market stock analysis
3. Online B2C product sales and wholesales
4. Online advertisements
5. Web design and development



2000/08/04- awarded the first place in the e-commerce category by e-Oscar
2000/08/22- award the second place in the investment and wealth management category by Cnet
2000/10/15- awarded the top 10 most popular financial websites category in 2001 by Global Views
2000/11/12- awarded the second place in the most viewed financial news category by Number of blog network
2000/11/20- awarded the second place in the top 500 financial websites category by Business Next
2001/03/20- awarded the second place in the professional wealth management category by Number of blog network
2001/04/26- awarded the first place in the professional financial management website category by Number of blog network
2001/10/15- awarded the second place in the longest visited time duration by web viewer category by NETVALUE


Monthly page views: over 10,000,000 views
Daily visits: over 30,000 people (not include real-time stock quote visits)
e-News circulation: over 960,000 issues
e-Stock registration: approximately 270,000
Wealth management articles: over 18,500,000 articles
Daily newly-added articles: approximately 4,000 articles
Investment Competition: over 200 times (one competition per month), gave away over TWD 1,950,000 and countless of prize gifts.